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Feature of College

Worthwhile College

What and where to study is one of the most important decisions in life.” We at Lala Jagat Naryan Education College understand over the years we have counseled thousands of students.

Dr. Mrs. Ranjit Kaur Bhalla



Dr. Mrs. Ranjit Kaur Bhalla


What and where to study is one of the most important decisions in life.” We at Lala Jagat Naryan Education […]

Positive Impact

Here is always study New technology and expressing new ideas he learned at College.

Dr. Mrs. Ranjit Kaur Bhalla



Dr. Mrs. Ranjit Kaur Bhalla


Here is always study New technology and expressing new ideas he learned at College.


The College has got a well-equipped and well furnished library, situated in a newsly constructed building. It has gore more than 15,000 books have text books, reference books, and encyclopedia, journals and daily news papers. Library remains open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and it also remains open during the vacations. The ambience of the library is specially designed to facilities the young scholars in learning. Rules and regulations concerned information in the getting books can obtained from college librarian.

Computer Labs

Lala Jagat Naryan Education College focuses on a study of compuer and its role in the applied environment t. There are three well equipped computer labs. Consisting of 90 computers, as well as internet facility to impart quality education of highest standard to upcoming computer literates and to serve society and nation at large through education programmes.

Language Labs

Students need more than just classroom study to improve their language skills, and so the college provides a full-designed functional English Lab with all fitting gadgets for learned essential study skills. The college is justly proud of its functional English department with its state of the art language lab, equipped with lingua-phone and teaching aids. It also has its various levels by providing practice in the four basis skill sets of speaking, listening, reading and writing, besides inculcating in them the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Students generally choose their career not by choice by chance because the lack of information about various occupations and professions. They are also not aware about their own capabilities and potentialities. The role of guidance & counseling being here. The institute has established permanent career guidance & counseling cell. The cell guides and counsel the students and help them.


Linking education to employment it the prime aim of Lala Jagat Naryan Education College. The College has achieved the milestone of providing excellent placements for the students. Jobs fairs will be organized regularly by the college. Placement cell is under the supervision of the Mrs. Nitika and Mrs. Kamaldeep which remained keenly involved in sending resume of B.Ed students to different educational institutions. In Campus, Placement is organized by the cell in collaboration with different school heads during final skill in teaching practical examinations.


A Grievance redressal cell in functioning under the patrone of our dynamic Principal Dr. Ranjit Kaur Bhalla for the benefits of the students and staff. Here students express their felling and problems to the incharges of the cell and they are provided adequate solutions. Grievance and problems of the teaching and non-teaching staff members are also given due attention and amicable for the same is sought. A patient hearing is given to all by the Principal problems are resolved with help of faculty members.


Lala Jagat Naryan College has started the novel approach of part time on campus employment for its students to lesson the enormous financial burden on them and their parents due to high cost of education. This is done through various methods such as outsourcing. It will encourage work culture in students and enable them to earn while they learn a sis the practice in developed countries.


Seminar updates us with the latest trends and issues in various fields. So seminar, workshops and conferences are a regular feature of the institute. An international conference on “Women are not born weak but they are made weak” and many other seminars were organized by college.



Man is a social being & lives in society. He gets many things from society and it becomes his responsibility to do something for it. In order to make the students aware of their responsibility towards society, the college has dedicated year 2013 to the social service. For this, Lala Jagat Naryan College social welfare association and Lala Jagat Naryan College blood donors squad have been established. Association will establish smaller units of the students in different villages, town and cities. They will take part in the movement to make the people aware of the prevailing social evils and will work for eradicating these evils. To began with, save environment moment has been started involving planting and nurturing of tree. Member of Lala Jagat Naryan College Blood Donors squad will always be available for donating blood within 50 Km. radius of the college as the condition demands.