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In above said subject combinations, first mentioned subject is the major one and later mentioned subject(s) is/are minor. The candidate should have studied the major subjects for full three years at graduation level for two years at master level however minor subjects should have been studied for at least one year at graduation level.  Admission to B.Ed. will be done in the above said subject combinations on the basis of merit in the respective colleges.

The candidates shall be given the required subject combination depending upon the seats available in the respective colleges.

A candidate can claim more than one subject combinations if he/she is eligible for the same.

Teaching of social studies shall be opted by the graduate who have taken up any two any of the following subjects at B.A./M.A. level.

 1.   History

2.   Political Science

3.   Sociology

4.  Geography

5.  Economics 

6. Economics

7. Philosophy

8. Psychology

9. Education

10. Public Administration


Note : The College shall admit students only in those teaching subjects for which it has the teaching facilities as per NCTE/Pb. University Chd. Norms. Subject combination and split up of the 200 seats to the B.Ed course at Lala Jagat Naryan Education College, Jalalabad (W).


1.             S.S.T.                           –                Language

2.            Math                             –               Language

3.            Science                        –               Math

4.            Science                        –               Languages

5.            History                        –               Language

6.            Physical Education      –          Language


7.             Economics                 –                Math

8.            MusicMath                 –                Language

9.            Economics                  –                Math

10.         Geography                   –               Languages

11.          Computer                    –               Language

12.         Computer                     –              Math