Village Chak Arian Wala, Mukatsar Road, Jalalabad (W), District : Fazilka, Punjab.




Fazilka, Punjab.

09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Monday to Saturday


+91- 98553-33300

Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

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Monday to Friday



The objective of Lala Jagat Naryan Educational Society, Jalalabad (w) is to establish and run educational, technical and professional institute for the promotion of education, particularly in this backward region of the State. To fulfill its aims and objectives, the society has established Lala Jagat Naryan Education College in the cherished memory of Lala Jagat Naryan, a freedom fighter, a fearless Journalist and social activist.

Ancestors of Lala Jagat Naryan Diwan Mall Raj Chopra were trusted official of Shere Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh who resided in Wezirabad now in Pakistan. Lala Ji was born on 31st May 1899. He was the only son of Shri Lakhmi Das and Smt. Lal Devi, at British time his father was the S.H.O. (Thanedar) at Bikaner.