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The objective of Lala Jagat Naryan Educational Society, Jalalabad (w) is to establish and run educational, technical and professional institute for the promotion of education, particularly in this backward region of the State. To fulfill its aims and objectives, the society has established Lala Jagat Naryan Education College in the cherished memory of Lala Jagat Naryan , a freedom fighter, a fearless Journalist and social activist. Ancestors of Lala Jagat Naryan Diwan Mall Raj Chopra were trusted official of Shere Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh who resided in Wezirabad now in Pakistan. Lala Ji was born on 31st May 1899. He was the only son of Shri Lakhmi Das and Smt. Lal Devi at British time his father was the S.H.O. (Thanedar) at Bikaner. Who left his job after being hurt due to unworthy behavior of British Police officers. He passed his matriculation in 1816 and he joined D.A.V. College Lahore where he was greatly inspired by the then Principal Mahatma Hans Raj Ji. The Jallianwala Bagh massacre affected Lala Jagat Naryan and he joined freedom struggle on the call of Mahatma Gandhi in 1920. In 1924 he worked as the editor of akash vani a paper started by Bhai Parma Nand, Besides this he also contributed articles to other papers such as the “Milap” and the partap later on, he set his press at Lahor. Lala ji participated in all Satya Grah movements launched by the congress under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and was in Jail for about nine years on different occasions. His wife and other members of the family also suffered on account of their participation in the freedom movement. He built up the great institution of the Hind samachar group of news papers. These news papers have a distinct personality of their own. The Journalistic courage that lala ji had shown was most remarkable. It endeared the papers and him to the people. To protect the integrity of India lala ji used both his pen and his voice and earned himself great fame. A significant fact in his journalistic achievement is that his fearless crusade against the force is disunity in Punjab made the communal force in the state fear his pen.

Our Vision

Vision is created by the present reality and 21st century demands committed man power to fulfill its diversified therefore Lala Jagat Naryan Educational College is focusing towards the vision to develop the potentialities of rural and backward areas pupil teachers by acquisition of knowledge, habit, skills , values and attitude. So that they can handle the challenging situation of modern world and make a difference in the field of education .we are shaping the pupil teachers on the grounds of modernization so that in become the foundation pillars of a strong nation.

Our Mission

This mission of Lala Jagat Naryan Education College is to guarantee the superior preparation and performance of every pupil teacher in society and in life. It includes:

  • Education and vocational effectiveness for students belonging to backward areas.
  • Opening the doors of progressiveness for students belonging to backward areas.
  • To cherish the world of education by providing high quality professional and competent nation builders.
  • To nourish cognitive competencies of pupil teachers for better employability.
  • To integrate science and technology with culture through curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Continuing pursuit of excellence in educational practice and management.
  • To provide a mutually supportive educational environment to every student.